Suraksha ARC focuses on investing in companies which have a potential to grow with financial and operating inputs however, currently having under-utilized capacities, high leverage, low profitability compared to industry. Suraksha ARC team and advisory board comprises of experts with financial management as well as operational turnaround, to aid in turnaround of investee companies. Suraksha ARC believes that the promoter, the lenders, the management, its customers, its suppliers and all its stake holders have a need to benefit from the turnaround of the company. Although financial restructuring is essential to turnaround efforts, effective operational restructuring can spell the difference between the success and failure of those efforts. Suraksha ARC’s operational restructuring team focuses on identification and stabilization of companies' core businesses. Cash and Working Capital Management are key elements of successful business performance and more particularly for business turnaround. Good working capital management practices will help to shore up company’s liquidity and to improve effectiveness both in payments and in collections. Suraksha ARC team closely works with the management to analyse and fix the working capital challenges and improve cash flow forecasting and controls and to deliver significant improvements in cash and working capital. Suraksha ARC’s due diligence process is critical to identifying Companies / projects that are presently under stress however, having strong turnaround potential in case working capital support / last mile funding is provided in a timely manner to complete the project.